• “Labotrade – Narden puts at your disposal a team of professionals, experienced and able to design engineering solutions for the Pharmaceutical sector.”
  • “Actually, Labotrade applies the experience obtained through a constant evolution process in order to respond to actual market challenges. Hence, it carries out its activities according to the latest technological, economic and legal requirements. (FDA, EMEA, GMPs, ISO, ICH, American and European pharmacopeia)”


Granulators of high intensity that permit mixing, knead, and granulate at the same time. The liquid granulate can be introduced through nozzles in the lid, whether it is a solution or atomized.  The mixer situated at the bottom transmits energy to the material and thanks to the special geometry of the bowl it forms an optimized flow pattern that delivers excellent results in each batch. Thanks to variable velocity of the mixer, optimal control of granulation can be maintained. A chopper of two speeds is situated in the wall which acts as cutter to prevent the agglomeration of the product.